Friday, October 17, 2008

Petition: Google Remove Kill Switch From Android

Petition: Google Remove Kill Switch From Android

Apple seems to have triggered a new era of control and dictatorship. The much touted iPhone came with a kill switch which could be used by Apple to remove any application from your iPhone if they think it is not supposed to be there. Google has also done the same. We are not used to such kind of control yet.

The control is ok that you cut my power supply (electricity) or stop my telecom services if I fail to pay the bills, but putting switches on devices which gives these companies over what I should be installing on my machines is a big danger. If there are not strong protests against these, we will soon find ourselves trapped in a new kind of slavery. We are already fighting with an old enemy proprietary and closed source technologies and its a very long war. Now, what Apple and Google are doing is starting a new chain. Before we create another front to fight at, why not nip it in bud and start filing petitions asking authorities to have kill switch kind of mechanisms to be removed from such devices.

Start Signing here....

Please also suggest measures how to stop this further.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Truest: Wireless Enabled Linux !

Every one has been talking about wireless support in Linux...but its here what it actually means to be in- build wireless support ;-)

The antenna can be elongated for better reception.

Antenna can be rotated according to needs.

Desk-top edition of Wireless Linux


PS: Hey suse and LFY guys, don't mind its just a joke

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Software Freedom Day: Delhi Images

The Free Software lovers of Delhi celebrated the Software Freedom Day on Saturday. Here are the cool pix The event was sponsored by LINUX For You magazine in association with Sarai and iLUG-Delhi!

Kick start of the event!

Raj Mathur speaking at the occasion.

Some guys are too serious!

Kishore playing with his MID

Niraj from LINUX For You magazine and Kinshuk

Yummy Free food!

Yummy rasgullas!

Long shot of the event!


Atanu Datta of LINUX For You magazine and Kinshuk

Gora Mohanti in deep thought!

Ravi Kant preparing to launch a website

A pony tailed FOSS lover guy in the room ;-) (courtesy Niyam Bhushan)

That's me, Swapnil Bhartiya, usually -- the dangerous science fiction writer and tech journalist who is also a FOSS lover!

-- Swapnil Bhartiya

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Software Freedom Day Celebration: Delhi Chapter

Dear Friends!

The Free Software community of Delhi is glad to share with you that we are planning to celebrate the Software Freedom Day in Delhi on 20th September. We invite all the free software supporters to come and join us in the celebration.

Venue: Sarai, CSDS seminar room

Software Freedom Day Celebrations: 20th Sep., 2008


  • 11 am-12 pm: Raj Mathur:

    • All about free software.
  • 12 pm -1pm: The Free Software community in Delhi:

    • Kishore Bhargava, ILUG-Delhi: General introductions Getting help in a FOSS world.
  • 1pm -2 pm: Lunch

  • Ashish Shukla: LTSP (demo): This will be set up,
    • and people can wander around, and take a look.
  • 2 pm-3pm: Shantanu Choudhary: OpenOffice,

    • Mozilla, and other common tools.
  • 3 pm-4pm: Niyam Bhushan: FLOSS multimedia

  • 4 pm onwards: Ravikant, et al: Public, online

    • release of an open-content site.
  • Linux install-fest in parallel: Ubuntu 8.04.1,
    • and Fedora CDs/DVDs will be provided.


Lunch will be arranged for 50 people, and tea and refreshments will also be available.

To confirm your participation, please email me at

Swapnil Bhartiya

Courtesy: *Sponsored byLINUX For You magazine, organised in association with Sarai and iLUG-Delhi

Also check:

How To Reach Sarai:

Getting to Sarai is really easy. It is located in the Civil Lines area in North Delhi, close to Delhi University. You have to cross the ridge from Delhi University to get to Rajpur Road, where Sarai is located. Any bus that takes you to ‘Exchange Stores/ I.P. College/ Mall Road’ will also take you places from where Rajpur Road is a short distance. If you take an auto rickshaw or taxi from South Delhi or any other part of the city, the best thing to say is ‘Near Transport Authority, Underhill Road, Civil Lines, I.P. College’; most auto and taxi drivers know the Civil Lines ‘Authority’ well. It is two minutes away from this landmark.

The quickest and easiest way to get to Sarai is to take the Delhi Metro, from Connaught Place (Rajiv Chowk) to Civil Lines, or to change at Kashmiri Gate and take the metro to Civil Lines. Get off at Civil Lines cross Shamnath Marg, get on to Underhill Road, walk (10 minutes) to the end of Underhill Road, where it meets Rajpur Road. Turn left, you will see Number 29, Rajpur Road soon (on your left). This is CSDS. Walk in, It is in the basement of the big white building behind the sunken lawn.

Road Map

Click To Enlarge

Metro Map

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We wish RMS will be there too singing this song!